Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (the movie)

On Friday night I went to see City of Bones with my amazing little sister Sarah. I had read a number of reviews and criticisms of the film and was excited to see for myself. A lot of it was different to how I imagined but none of the differences seemed like let downs to me. Overall I was impressed.

There was lovely attention to detail in the filming and the set design. Casting was great, I especially think Jace ( Jamie Campbell Bower) and Simon (Robert Sheehan) are perfectly cast. Simon more so than Jace – I imagined Jace to be much slimmer. To be fair though, it makes more sense that he’s not slim.  Jace has amazing bone structure and actually looks like someone a teenage girl like Clary  (Lily Collins) would imagine as an angel. I’m sure there will be some team Simon versus team Jace epic fan girl craziness.


The character development really focuses on Clary, Jace and Simon without so much from Isabella (Jemima West) and Alec (Kevin Zegers). I was a bit disappointed with how Alec is portrayed, you don’t really get any nice moments from him and I kind of thought of him as an alright guy! I am sure that that will progress throughout the sequels – City of Ashes is already listed on IMDB as ‘pre-production’.

One thing that I really liked about the movie is that retrospectively I could have taken my other half to the movie and he wouldn’t have been bored out of his mind. The books are definitely a bit more girly but the film really takes the shadow hunter vocation seriously and has some awesomely scary demons. The special effects are handled nicely and there’s a lot of action.





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