Divergent THE MOVIE (and other thoughts)

SO I went to see Divergent a few days ago and was overall happy with how it turned out.

My main disappointments were casting related: Tris is ok, Four is too old and average, and as a result Peter, Will and Al all were cast as very ordinary looking guys who ALL looked really similar. I think for book fans this won’t be as confusing because you come in to the movie knowing who is who and what they are like, but with such minimal character development and not much to set each apart from the other I found it difficult to remember who was who.

Other than those concerns I really enjoyed it and would definitely continue to recommend. You do have to suspend your belief a bit but it’s worth the ride.

On a side note, I recently found out that Veronica Roth is 25 or some ridiculous age of youthfulness which has really made me a bit sad about how little I have accomplished in life. How do you just write a trilogy and get it made into movies that fast?

Another side note: I am really disappointed with Allegiant. I thought Roth’s foray into Four’s point of view betrayed how much of Tris and her personal voice is actually the author’s voice. I seriously couldn’t tell the parts where Tobias was narrating from the parts where Tris was narrating. I think if you do multiple first person perspectives you have to help yourself out with some italics or font variation. Also it kind of makes you wonder why she would suddenly go into this new structure of telling the story in the third book… then you think about it more… then you get an idea of why and it totally gives away the ending. Hope that didn’t spoil too much for anyone.

Well, that’s my ten cents worth for the day.


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