Alloy of Law (A Mistborn Novel) by Brandon Sanderson

This is a library copy of the book, which I do actually own. However, my prettier copy now resides in Wellington with my sister and this one had to be a stand in!

Alloy of Law follows on from the first three books in the Mistborn series. It is set in the future of the world Vin lived in and is a much lighter read and not nearly as gripping. The two main characters are Waxillium and Wayne, an unlikely duo (also, Wax and Wayne, get it?). The setting has a western feel and the events of the previous books are distant history.

Wax is a lawman, returned from the ‘Roughs’ to the city and trying to settle into being a Lord after his uncle’s sudden death. He is also being forced into marring for money to save his house. He meets Steris, her cousin Marasai and her father to discuss the arrangement. Wayne is Waxillium’s crime fighting sidekick from the roughs and he turns up unexpectedly and uninvited to said marriage discussion. Wayne is probably my favourite character. He’s a reformed criminal with a talent for disguise and voices or accents. His combination if skills – bendalloy and bloodmaker – mean that he can make speed bubbles in which time is paused while he has a quick costume change or discussion of strategy. He can also heal himself.

Wax and Wayne are fighting a group called ‘The Vanishers’ who are railroad robbers using a bit of stage magic to generate hype and also kidnapping women. Of course Steris gets captured and Wax has to go and try to rescue her. Then there’s a love triangle with Marasai who is a way better match for Wax than Steris. Marasai aslo has a massive intellectual crush on Wax, having followed his exploits in the roughs in her studies at university. Wax might have feelings for her but has too much baggage from his previous relationship to risk getting his heart involved again and instead sticks with the emotionless arranged marriage with Steris, who yes, has a sterile personality.

Religion is really interesting in light of the previous books, and if you haven’t read them and plan to stop reading now because this will be super spoiler stuff.



So Harmony is the main god followed by the characters in the book. Of course, he totally has to be none other than SAZED! Sazed uses Hemalurgy to connect with his followers who put in an earring when they meditate. He also discourages followers from worshiping him. They are called ‘Pathians’ and identify themselves and their belief with the words ‘I follow the Path’. It’s kind of cool how it all links together with the other books and what they are like. I like how Sazed’s personality comes through still, even though he’s now a god.

So overall, I wouldn’t rate this book really highly and I think that to some extent it’s really just for fans of the previous Mistborn books. If you want to spend a little more time in this world, go for it. If you just need another good Brandon Sanderson to read, read The Stormlight Archives instead! My rating: 2.5/5


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