Landline by Rainbow Rowell


Rainbow Rowell is one of my new favourite writers. She’s written four books so far and I have loved every one of them, Landline being no exception. Her books bridge a gap between Young Adult books and a slightly more grown up audience of readers. This suits me perfectly because I love YA, but sometimes I want something with a touch more substance and with themes that are more relevant than your usual love-triangle-high-school-dystopia.

In Landline, Georgie is a comedy writer who is married and has two children. The story is about her struggle to balance her relationship with her husband Neal with her job which she is extremely passionate about. Rather than being about falling in love and having a happily ever after, this story is about what happens after that. I know there are a lot of books that deal with married couples and all their troubles and staying in love, but they’re often the sequel to the initial love story. OR sometimes they’re the prequel to a different love story!

With Landline, we start with the well established relationship and later read flashbacks to when Neal and Georgie first met and to a previous significant fight they had. Some of this is aided by a mysteriously magical time-travelling yellow home phone. You know, the kind with the spinning dial and the curly cord. Through this phone, Georgie has the chance to change something – but what?

I love the symbolism of the phone as the means of fixing her relationship withe Neal. It is only by communicating properly again that her marriage will be able to become healthy and I love that she learns things about herself and about Neal and even about her sister in the process.

Most of the story takes place in Winter and over the Christmas break and it’s the sort of story I can imagine being made into a movie that gets screened on TV every year in December. It might be more of a girly read but I think that its a great story and has timeless themes. There’s also time travel and a crazy family and pugs and bra shopping. Need I say more?

My rating is a 4/5 and I really recommend it. I borrowed it from the library but as soon as I have money and an address I’ll be buying myself a copy. Maybe even in hardback! Hopefully not much longer now! We’re in London and waiting for our paperwork to go through on a rental property – work starts in September. Also you may have noticed my new baby Kobo which is the best thing I have ever bought! I have been borrowing books from the library on it and it has been great because it gives me a deadline to read it by and doesn’t cost a cent. If you’d like to know how it works let me know! I could possibly do a post on it.

I haven’t done my Book Depository Affiliates thing in a while but when I looked Landline up this morning just for fun I saw it was super cheap and on sale at the moment so seriously, buy it! And I’ll get a teeny bit of money! Well I might. I don’t know. I’ll let you know!
Buy The Book Now at The Book Depository, Free Delivery World Wide 


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