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UntitledHello everyone!

So I’ve fairly recently started an account for book related photos on Instagram. There’s such a fun community of bookstagrammers out there and so many talented people! It’s also a good way to visually see what people are reading and see what’s new in the world of books! I know it’s helped me with choosing books to read and keeping up with new release books and so on.

If you’re a book blogger and not on Instagram I’d definitely encourage you to give it a go. And if you’re already on Instagram in a bookish capacity and you’d like to connect let me know! My username is @bekabeebooks. Also, same goes for tumblr  and goodreads (click for links). It’d be great to connect with more of you!

In other non bookish news, my hubby and I are now living in the UK and start our teaching jobs at the start of September. We’re really looking forward to settling down for a bit after travelling since March. We own a car again and have hopefully got a house to move in to in the next week or so. I’m hoping that being over here will mean that I’ll be better at posting more regularly with the return of some basic life routines!

Much love

xx Beka


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