Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson

IMG_20150912_132113Steelheart is yet another fantastic novel from fantasy author Brandon Sanderson. He is a master of worldbuilding, and in this series our world is a more modern environment where in amongst the ordinary humans, beings with supernatural powers have started to emerge. They call them Epics and at first they are a marvel, heroes and all that. But it soon becomes clear that the Epics are not friends to the human race. And no-one challenges them, because they are that powerful.

No-one except the Reckoners.

David is desperate to join the Reckoners, and he has a piece of information that he thinks might be his ticket to join them. He’s obsessed with defeating Steelheart, the Epic who killed his father. But he’s just one guy and he needs the support of a team to accomplish his plan.

As always, there is a religious element to Sanderson’s fantasy world, and there are a group who believe that one day there will be good Epics who will come and defeat the bad ones and save them all. David might have kept believing this if his father hadn’t been killed by Steelheart.

The setting is also really interesting. The town of Newcago is in the USA and is a place that was turned to steel by Steelheart. There are all sorts of interesting aspects to this and it makes a cool backdrop for the story.

David is a funny character and I really enjoyed his continuously terrible metaphors throughout the story. It adds a bit of fun to a pretty serious story.

I didn’t love this as much as Sanderson’s previous series that I’ve read – The Mistborn Trilogy and The Stormlight Archives, but I have heard that the series only gets better! So I will be on the look out for the sequel, Firefight and hopefully finish it before the third book in the series, Calamity  is published in February next year.

If you haven’t read anything by Brandon Sanderson, I do highly recommend him. He’s probably in my top five favourite authors and he’s the first author that my husband Pete has ever really gotten into.


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