Back to Work Blues


We all know what it’s like to have that dread feeling of a holiday ending and the work or school week starting up again. I am only a few days into the school term after the half term break and I’m already exhausted! I know at home in New Zealand it’s that time when the summer is still hot and yet you still have to be working on those glorious days! I put a few polaroids from my latest adventures in my photo for the post. Plus two new books I bought at the markets on Saturday morning.

I like to think that the best way to combat a depressing reality is a healthy dose of escapism. While it may not be an answer all, it can give you the temporary fix you need to face the next day and get you through until the weekend.

Here are five fun recommended reading ideas that I hope will brighten your week:

      1. Read a ‘fluffy’ book.
        Light reading means the novel won’t totally absorb your concentration or distract you for too long from any preparations you should be doing. Fluffy reads can be chic-lit, romance, or often young adult. My favourite ‘fluffy’ authors are Kiera Cass and Stephanie Perkins who both write YA romance.
        The Selectionn
      2. Listen to an audio book.
        This also goes particularly well with treating yourself to a relaxing bath complete with luxe bubbles and a nice face mask or hair treatment.
        imageFor audiobooks I usually borrow from my library using the overdrive app on my phone, or download from audible. My favourite audio book is still either Outlander or Code Name Verity for a more serious listen, but if you want something a bit more light, go for The Rosie Project! Or if you enjoyed The Fault in our Stars I’d recommend All the Bright Places. It’s sad but beautifully written and narrated. I’m currently listening to The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake by Aimee Bender and it’s lovely.wpid-img_20150927_205400.jpg
      3. Look for a book that’s been made into a film.
        If you’re reading a book soon bound for the silver screen you can have the bonus of being able to critique the film when you see it. These are often ones that become a fairly big deal too so you’ll be in the know! Or you simply have the safety net of watching the film if you don’t finish it.Click here for a book to film 2016 list. One I’m excited for is A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness – set to release October this year!DSC01905
      4. Re-read an old favourite.
        There is something a little less daunting about picking up an old paperback you’ve read years ago than cracking into the latest Man Booker Prize Winner. I recently re-read A Voice in the Wind  by Francine Rivers which I read when I was a teenager. Re-reading is something I definitely want to do more of! This picture reminds me of another great pick me up: tea! I love this herbal collection by Pukka because you can try all the different flavours to see if you like them for future purchase! In other tea related news, do take note of my beautiful teapot in the photo at the top of the post! It’s the perfect one, a Christmas present from my hubby!
      5. Buy a magazine or read some articles or blog posts.
        You know those posts you’ve been saving but never gotten around to reading! Or that magazine you always pick up at the check out or in a waiting room? There are so many great articles out there which can inspire, encourage, educate, and entertain. My favourite magazine to buy is Frankie which I am currently having to enjoy digitally rather than in the flesh! Doing a good update of your bloglovin feed or any other apps you use to follow blogs and articles can also provide a great source of reading material on all sorts of topics.


What do you do to get through the back to work blues? Which of these ideas might you try? I’d love to hear what gets you through the work week! This week I’ve enjoyed a bath with an audio book, and a YA read (Terror Kid – review to come) as well as reading tonnes of articles. Mainly about make-up because I’m deep like that!

What about you? Don’t forget to leave a comment! xx

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