A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray

I love time travel. It’s one of those things that just fascinates me. This novel is not about time travel. It’s about a different kind of travel – dimensional travel. It’s a new concept to me but one that has my brain cogs clicking away happily! You can only travel to another dimension if the same genetic version of you exists there, and if you travel you wake up in that version’s body. Which one of you controls the body is another matter entirely!

The cover art is beautiful and full of colour, appropriately representing the protagonist. It was what drew me to the book to start with. Meg is an artist. The only one in a family of genius scientists. Yet she has somehow become the one using her parents technology – the firebird – to seek her father’s killer in any dimension she has to.

The things that annoyed me in the novel are as follows:
– There are characters who can figure out technology in any dimensions within minutes. I’m pretty savvy with computers and such but I don’t think I’d figure out stuff nearly as fast. They are meant to be crazy science people though so maybe I’m being overly fussy.
– Meg being a ‘chosen one’ character was getting on my nerves for the first part of the novel – lots of hints that she has some special skill unlike others. I kind of liked what that ended up being about though – without spoiling anything I can just say it wasn’t as completely cliché as I’d expected!

I listened to the audiobook – narrated by Tavia Gilbert – and loved it. She does a huge array of voices to show the different ‘bodies’ that are in each dimension and while some of her accents come off a bit staged, it’s still great work from her.

Has anyone else read this series? I am on a waiting list for book two from my library and can’t wait!


Lirael by Garth Nix


Lirael is the sequel to Sabriel and is set in the same story world of the Old Kingdom. You could quite happily read it without reading the first book, but you would have less insight into the overall fantasy world context. Next to Sabriel I think this is my favourite of Nix’s books in this series, and Lirael is the character that I think about most. Lirael is one of the Clayr, a special line of people who are gifted with the ability to see the future, or glimpses of it known as the sight. Your first vision marks your progression into adulthood, and Lirael is long overdue for hers and is painfully aware of it.
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Panic by Lauren Oliver

DSC05930Panic was a gripping read. It combines elements of thriller and action genres and didn’t rely on romance to drive the plot as so many teen novels tend to. The characters and action are gritty and the plot keeps you on the edge of your seat. Or eyes glued to the page. Or both. The only other Lauren Oliver novels I’ve read have been of more of a dystopian variety so this one was an interesting and enjoyable contrast.

The premise of the plot is that there is this legendary game called Panic played by seniors in a small town in the middle of nowhere. It’s dangerous, it’s illegal, and it’s high stakes. The money would be like winning lotto. As the game continues the stakes get higher and higher and the tension continues to build.
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