2014 Goodreads Challenge

2014 Goodreads Challenge

I am aiming to read 100 70 books this year. My mathsy husband pointed out to get to 100 I need to read a book every 3 days…. not sure how I’ll manage that! So 70 seems achievable. I  really wanted to be able to say, ‘Hey, yeah, I read 100 books this year, yeah no big deal’. I really thought I’d be able to do it. Apparently I’m two books behind schedule… Wah.

UPDATE: I have completed this challenge and my final count is 71 books in 2014! Yay! I beat my goal by one book. I felt like I could have done more but it would have been at the expense of spending valuable time with friends and family. It’s been a really busy and fun and exciting summer. I’ve read more books this year than I think I ever have before, and I really feel like I have grown as a reader and moved into new genres and discovered more about what I enjoy. I read a lot of YA but I also love fantasy genres and historical fiction more than I realised. Most times when I had a WOW I LOVE THIS SO MUCH WHERE HAS IT BEEN MY WHOLE LIFE moment it was reading something World War Two related or something with an awesome fantasy world. Not every time, but mostly. I also discovered the beauty of audiobooks while doing this challenge and am a total convert (you can read while you drive or sew or clean or cook or just sitting in a cozy chair!). The 71 books were a combination of kindle books, hard copy books (new, second hand, library books, etc) and audio books. I think I still like hard copy books best but I love the convenience of the kindle and audio books. It definitely helped me reach my goal!

For 2015 I am aiming to read 50 books, partly because my husband and I will be travelling and I have no idea how that will impact on my reading (more or less?) and partly because I want to read more challenging books and keep pushing my reading into new genres. Maybe even some non-fiction! I’m so inspired by the difference it has made having a reading goal and being able to track it. So, here’s to 50 books and new adventures on and off the page!



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